Coed Varsity Golf, Girls Varsity Volleyball · Siegel Scholar Athletes of the Month – August 2020

Congratulations to Cate Schroer and Ashton Stone on being named Siegel’s Scholar Athletes of the Month for August 2020.

Cate is a Freshman on the Volleyball team.  She middle blocker and hitter. She made the Principals list all three years in middle school and loves cookies and cream ice cream.  Cate has a 4.0 GPA.

Ashton is a Junior on the Golf team.  He holds the number 1 spot on this years boys golf team.   He is working on his irons and their consistency. Ashton has a 3.5 GPA.

Name: Cate Schroer Ashton Stone
Sport(s): Volleyball Golf
Position(s) Played Middle Blocker/hitter #1 spot on golf team
Current Grade: Freshman Junior
GPA: 4 3.5
Athletic Accomplishments: Seven gold championships in travel, one being Ultra Ankle Bluegrass Tournament.
My travel team was ranked 6th in the nation.
Regular season and tournament champions in Rutherford County 8th grade year.
All tournament award for Rutherford County.
Maintaining a good average in golf
Academic Accomplishments: Principal’s list every nine weeks for all three years of middle school.
Honors awards including STEM and Most Outstanding.
A member of Beta Club and  participant in Beta competitions 7th and 8th grade year.
I was headed to an Integrated Math competition and STEM Expo, but Covid-19 cancelled them.
Keeping good grades during the golf season
Three Words to Describe Yourself Determined, Kind, Respectful. Caring, optimistic, perseverant
Whose Your Toughest Opponent: Brentwood Oakland
What are you working to improve on?: I am always looking to improve my volleyball skills, such as blocking. There’s always room for improvement. My irons and their consistency
What inspires you to keep training and competing? My coaches, teammates, and family. PGA tour players and how good they are and how I want to be as good as them one day
Your Best Sports Memory Winning gold at the Bluegrass tournament in the Open division. My best sports memory is either 8th grade golf districts or the Murfreesboro invitational this year
What are your plans after you graduate from Siegel? I’d like to go to college on an academic and/or volleyball scholarship. I plan to do something with helping others, such as some sort of teaching or therapy. Attend a 4 year school and hope to get a golf scholarship but academics come first
Your Favorite Food? I love Mexican food, chicken, and chocolate! Mac and cheese
Your Favorite Ice Cream? I love cookies and cream ice cream! Cookie dough
What’s on Your Playlist? It’s all over the place.
“Uptown Girl” Billy Joel
“Modern Love” David Bowie
“Hero” from Starstruck
“Stay” Lisa Loeb
“Love Story” Taylor Swift
A whole lotta good stuff
What’s the Most Embarrassing Thing on Your Playlist? I have “Man or Muppet” on my apple music from when I was little and I don’t know how to delete it. Shawn Mendes
If You had one wish, what would it be? I would wish for Covid-19 to go away! A personal wish right now would be to get the Ben Hogan icon irons
What most people don’t know about you? I played the piano for about 5 years. I also played basketball for 3 years. I’m insecure about my hair
Your Favorite Class? English because I love reading and creative writing. Math
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Italy because of the rich history, beauty, and the yummy food! Anywhere in Europe
Your Hero? Dolly Parton because she does the Books from Birth program, she helps people when they are in need, and she puts others before herself. My hero has to be my grandpa and all he’s accomplished from where he started in life
Social Media you are on? Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter
If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would that be? Walt Disney because I’d love to ask him tons of questions about Disney World and Disneyland, and also about the beginnings of Mickey Mouse. I love all things Disney! I think it would be pretty cool to eat with AJ Brown on the Titans
If you could have any superpower, what would you have? Be able to teleport places so I’m never late, and there is no traffic. Move things with my mind
Your house is burning down and you can only take one thing out, what do you take? I would take my phone because everything is on it. Golf clubs