Football Booster Club

Dear Siegel Parent,

The Siegel Football Booster Club is a support group, which does fundraising for the Siegel Football Team. Siegel is a premier program in the state of Tennessee. Because it takes money to run such a successful program, we need your help, involvement, and support.

The Stars use the best equipment for the safety of their players. The Siegel Football Booster Club shares this cost along with the expense of travel, meals, fall camp, uniforms, field maintenance, banquets, awards, etc.

This is a DO SOMETHING ORGANIZATION. We are busy people accomplishing a great deal on behalf of our children. The fruits of our labors go toward supporting the tremendous athletic program that Siegel Football is proud to offer.

We have Moms and Dads – period. They may be Nissan employees, doctors, teachers, lawyers, in real estate – just about everything between the mailroom and the president’s office. And, no matter who we are in our community, we always have two things in common:

  • We love our children and want the best for them.
  • We will be a part of their school lives through our involvement in Siegel Football Booster Club events.


It’s amazing how much you learn about your son or daughter’s life by being a part of school life. It’s gratifying to hear a student talk to another about what one of the Siegel Football Booster Club parents have done and even more by realizing how much we are needed. We have many opportunities to share in your child’s development. Here are a few:

  • Work the concession stand and laugh with other parents while making lasting friendships.
  • Help spread the school spirit by offering apparel with Siegel colors.
  • Help make the beautiful football programs we offer at all of the home games.
  • Meet others in our community by offering advertising to local businesses to be displayed in our stadium.
  • Have a lot of fun developing, planning and executing our annual P2BASS Fishing Tournament.

We have many committees to fit your talents. Join one committee or five committees – it’s up to you how much to be involved. AND we appreciate every minute you provide our school.

So, consider this an open invitation to BE a Siegel Football Booster Club Member! JOIN US NOW!

Your help, whether monetary donations or time, can provide our children with the intangibles it takes to run a first class program like Siegel. It cannot happen without YOU. We would love to see everyone involved with the Siegel Football Booster Club. The more people involved the stronger we become.

Siegel Football Booster Club meets on the first Monday each month in the library at 6:30

We look forward to seeing you there.