Siegel Athletic Hall of Fame Process

Siegel High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Mission Statement:

The Siegel High School (SHS) Athletic Hall of Fame exists to recognize and honor Siegel High School Student Athletes, Coaches, Teams and Sports Contributors for their achievements and/or contributions to the Siegel High School Athletic program.

Hall of Fame Committee: 

  • The Siegel High School Athletic Director will serve as the Chairman.
  • Prospective Hall of Fame Committee members must submit an application to the Athletic Director. The committee members will select up to eleven (11) members who will serve a four (4) year term; committee members may succeed themselves.
  • Each member will be entitled to one vote in the transaction of business and in other deliberations of the committee when duly assembled.
  • Representation by over 50% of the committee member is required in order to have a quorum. Business cannot be conducted without a quorum.
  • Changes and amendments to the bylaws shall be made at the November meeting.
  • Approval of over 50% of the members shall be necessary to amend any part of the By-Laws.
  • The Secretary is to be appointed by the Athletic Director and is a non-voting member. The Secretary will be responsible for keeping historical files on all nominees.
  • Committee members who are nominated for the Hall of Fame will not be involved in the nomination process or discussion and shall be excused from the voting process.
  • This committee will be responsible for choosing from those individuals and teams who have been recommended through an application process. They will use the criteria set forth by the committee to make this determination.

Nomination Criteria:

  • Athlete:

An Athlete may be eligible for nomination into the Siegel Hall of Fame after five years following graduation from Siegel.

  • Team:
    • team may be eligible for nomination in to the Siegel Hall of Fame after five years.
  • Coach:
    • coach may be eligible for nomination after five years being retired from coaching at Siegel.
  • Sports Contributor:
    • sports contributor eligible for nomination is an individual or group who has helped to develop and foster growth of athletics in the Siegel athletic community.

Any Siegel athlete, coach, community member or group who has had a significant impact on the athletic community may also be eligible for nomination.

Special Nominees

  • Under unique circumstances, the Hall of Fame Committee has the ability to waive the number of years’ requirement and/or graduation requirement with a majority vote of the committee.
  • The following athletes, coaches, teams and sports contributor candidates shall be eligible for nomination:
  • Selected into any national hall of fame
  • Achieved a world record
  • Has participated in the Olympics, World Games, representing the United States
  • Played for or won an amateur national championship or professional championship on a team or as an individual.

Nomination Process:

  • Nominations for consideration into the Siegel Hall of Fame may be by committee members or by public nominations. Applications for nomination will be available in the Siegel High School’s athletic office and on-line through the Siegel athletics’ office website,

Basic Timeline:

  • October – Ceremony
  • November – Evaluate ceremony and process. Review by-­‐
  • January 1st – Will begin accepting nominations through February 15th.
  • March ­ Nominations go to committee
  • April – Committee votes
  • June – Announcement of new members. (Awards ordered)
  • Once nominated, nominees will be active for three years. After three years those not selected will be placed on an inactive list and be eligible for re‐nomination.